Pollution is Problem

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Pollution is regard to disturb the nature. Here nature means environment. We people leave in modern world where all work is done with machines. And we become effort less as effort less as we can’t do work for cleaning our environment, that cause lot of problems for us in many shapes. Our health is also one of them. I here mention one by one with different aspects & ideas regards to them.

Pollution has many types like

  • Air Pollution
  • Water Pollution
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Noise Pollution etc

The chimneys of the factories & smoke of the vehicle is main cause of air pollution. We are able to reduce this pollution but we can’t do something why we can’t do so? any one think about this? No why we think? we are gentle men’s live in modern world why we take steps to overcome on it. Everyone knows that it destroy our health it cause lot of diseases in over body like respiratory tract infection, skin infection & some abdominal diseases.

It is not only air pollution same case with all kind of pollutions they can’t only effect on the health of human being but also on all living things.

When we drink polluted water what he cause harmful effect in our body we can’t imagine. It destroys our stomach & also effect on lower abdomen. On other hand how we feel when we see our polluted environment and what kind of think come in our mind that we live in what standard of life. How it give our imagination to others we well know but still stand silently and cant able to do something for our self not for others.

Living in cities is same as you live in factories how noise are there noise of trucks, buses, cars, motorcycles, rickshaws etc. We can’t imagine how we are helpless there. We live mentally very absent & cant able to create new things, except noise that lives in our mind. Noise pollution also cause of many diseases restlessness is common in all.

At the end I want to take your attention to this that we are able to overcome on all of them but need to take steps. If everyone know his duty and work with his heart then we can able to survive on this planet otherwise end is waiting for us.



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