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I recently came across an interesting YouTube video that is really, pretty spooky. Maybe you have seen it already because it has quickly become a great internet sensation, but it also makes me feel like I am going nuts.

The video appears to be taken from a smartphone camera, recording the security camera videos at a supermarket or grocery store. Now, that’s not the spooky part just yet.

The security camera shows a man shopping for groceries, like an other average person, reading the labels on a product as object on the shelf behind him start to move, on their own and fall off.

Then, as the man, probably confused, reaches down to pick up one of the other objects, another leaves the shelf and hovers in midair over his head; while he begins to straighten his back, the hovering object falls to the floor once more and he looks to pick it up as well.

This is not one of the freakiest ghost stories I have ever heard, but it definitely sends a slight chill down my spine because of the possible poltergeist. I mean the man was just doing some grocery shopping! That’s crazy.

Some of you may not believe if and think to yourself oh boo-hoo I don’t believe in ghost or I‘ve seen worse, and the thing is, you’re probably right.

If someone tells us that they see, speak or have the ability to sense paranormal activity, we usually either think that is person has really fallen off the rocker, brush them off and continue on with our day, or ask just out of some slight interest, just in case; unless of course, you know, you are one of these individuals.

But we usually do not believe people who have ‘seen’ things entirely and we think they are crazy. Imagine if they are right and we are wrong.

What if we indeed are the crazy ones living in denial and paranormal activity is all around us, we just don’t have that sense? What if we had the ability to scientifically prove that poltergeists or paranormal activity truly exists? Where would we go? What would you do?

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