Pre-launch LLC (Land Link Coin)

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Land Link Coin. Each LLC, as an additional value, is backed by 100 kg of stored CO2, from projects that are developed and / or funded by the GREENSTREAM community. By purchasing LLC's, anyone can join the GREENSTREAM community, in a way that suits them best. You can become a co-owner of theGREENSTREAM FONDATION (establishment procedure is in progress), you can become the owner of one or more projects that are being developed by GREENSTREAM or you can just become a LLC customer and help protect nature, and ensure better conditions for buying products from GREENSTREAM projects. The choice of how you want to become part of the GREENSTREAM community, you confirm with the purchase of one of the LLC's forms. In addition to the above benefits and opportunities, LLC opens up the possibility for active and passive earnings ... GREENSTREAM plans to open its door on the 22nd November 2015.


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