President Snow's Quote on What Makes a Man Fall.

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President Snow's Quote on What Makes a Man Fall.

"It's the things we love the most that destroys us." -President Snow from the movie MockingJay

I'll just give a brief insight on this quote. I am looking at this point on a Christian perspective, and this has nothing to do with the movie at all. 

In the Bible Paul clearly illustrates 'Sin' as the one thing we love the most, and the quote mentioned above is spot on. We fail to realize how sin makes us something that we ought not to be.

Since the fall of man, in Genesis, we realize that we, human beings, are so in love with sin that it came to a point where we blur what sin really is, and often come to a conclusion that a certain deed isn't a sin anymore. Look at homosexuality for example.

The human race is deteriorating because of sin and one day we might wake up looking at the modern day Sodom and Gomora. 

Will you let sin crave in, and defeat us? It will come so innocent at first, and will eventually eat you and destroy you to the point that you because so in love with it. Don't let that happen, you need God.

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Thank you, God bless.


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