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Today i an going to talk about the main problems in Pakistan at this time. Many peoples are suffering from different types of problems at this time in Pakistan. Some of them are mentioned here.

1. Lack of jobs

2. Crime rate

3. Flood

4. Lack of trees

5. Problem of electricity

6. Poverty

7. Bad educational system

8. Difference between rich and poors

9. Terrorism

10. Marches

11. Pollution

12. Population

13. Sex problem

14. Severage system

15. Problem of gas

16. Impure water

17. Political problems

18. Taxes

19. Human rights

20. High prices




1- Lack of jobs:

The main problem that cause the peoples to do bad work to fill their appetite is lack of jobs. Because the peoples who have the power in any sector dont see the merit they give jobs to their rerelatives instead of people who deserve that. This also made that sector also bad because those peoples dont have experience to work in that sector which made it very bad and it become useless slowly as now we can see the condition of many government sectors such as railway , PIA etc those sectors are become very bad and peoples became sick of those sectors because the peoples in those are not choose on the base of merit.



The main cause of crimes that are increased in our country is lack of jobs as i mentioned above. The peoples who dont get the jobs have to fill their appetite for this they choose bad path. They do crimes for getting money to fulfil their desires. Those crimes include murder , snaching of purse , jewellery , bikes and vehicles etc. The rate of street crimes also increased in our country many reports are entered in police stations against those crimes daily.



Another natural and main problem that destroyes million of Pakistanis every year are floods. During the 7 or 8 month of year due to heavy rain many houses got destructed and it also cause floods in different areas of country which effect a large number of peoples after that due to flood in indian areas they release that water to the areas of kashmir and other Pakistani areas in those floods every year thousand of peoples die and many of their animals also die in those floods and government at that become paralyzed and unable to do anything because they have not planned to face such condition every time and then they need help from army every time.


4-Lack of trees:

Another main problem that pollutes the environment of our country and also effect the environment is lack of trees. The standard need of forest in each country is 25% of its country area but our country Pakistan consist of only 2.5 - 5 % of forest of its area which is the greatest threat for environment. So we should grow trees to increase our forest rate and also to reduce the population and they also provide ur vital fruits.


5-Problem of electricity:

Another biggest and main problem of our country which effect the economic of our country on large scale is lack of electricity. It is needed in every field of work it is required in industries etc to make clothes , floor, toys, vehicles and other essentials of our daily life. We have lack of those stations which produce electricity by neuclear reactions. Our mostly electricity is produced by coal which produce too much less electricity as compare to uranium. Many peoples do not have even electricity in our country.




Another thing that is linked mostly to lack of jobs is poverty. The peoples who dont have jobs dont have enough money to give to their families and to fulfil their daily offer for this they do crimes etc to fulfil their daily needs it is because of poverty in our country.


7-Bad educational system:

Another main problem of our country that creates many of the problems and made many peoples criminal is that those peoples are illetrate and dont know many of things because of our bad educational system. Many peoples cant afford the fees of those schools and the public schools have too much fees but the government schools have on standard of studies they teachers of those schools are just concerned to their salary and nothing more the future of many students is destroyed by those types of schools. The government should take steps to made the standard of those schools better. The peoples who cant afford those fees send their childrens on jobs with that many the future of many childrens is destroyed.


8-Difference between rich and poor:

The main cause that creates many of the problem of our country such as lack of jobs and crimes etc is injustice between rich and poor peoples. Because many of the poor peoples work hard to get jobs etc and they also qualifies but the rich peoples take their place by giving money or by their contacts then there poor peoples are became frustrated and cant sit to their homes when they didnt get jobs etc to fulfil their daily needs they choose wrong path such as they do crimes etc to fulfil their needs. Many of the poors are punished for the crimes which they even not did instead of rich peoples. Many rich peoples do crimes and they put all that blame on the poor peoples by the help of their power that made the poors more frustrated. The government of Pakistan should take steps to made that condition better and reduce the inequality between poors and rich peoples.



Another main problem from which Pakistan is suffering is terrorism. Many of the peoples are killed by those terrorists in blasts and cross fires. Many peoples including children and ladies died in the attacks by those terrorists. They blasted alot in karachi an quetta also they also destroyed many of the historical places of our country and they said that they are doing jihad which is wrong because they had killed thousand of peoples. They also did blasts in mosques etc and killed millions of muslims many childrens lost their parents many wifes lost their husbands many mothers and fathers lost their childrens many sister lost their brothers and many brother lost their brothers and sisters etc in those attacks by terrorist. When inquired it is found that those terrorist have support of india because they have weapons of india. Now many of those terrorists are running and dying after the begging of the operation against them by Pak army named as zarb-e-azb in this operation that took place in waziristan many of the terrorist died and many are trying to run but the Pak army will never let them. Many of the soldiers of Pak army also got shaheed in this operation. But Pak army will not rest untill all of them should be eleminated. Because as we know the Pak army is the bravest army of the world.



Another main problem that hit the economic of our country and studies of children alot are marches take place after a short interval. Many of the leaders want to be in power or want their rights for that they do marches after a short interval. Now a days another long march takes place in islamacad leaded by imran khan and tahir ul qadri. Imran khan is doing marche against the injustice in elections and tahir ul qadri is protesting against the murder of his supporters in lahore. They firstly sit in D-chowk then they moved in front of parlimemt house then they wanted to go to the front of Pm house for that they have to passed throug police and army etc. They fought with police and many got injured and few were killed in this. The IG , DSP and SSP resigns during this also. They also attacked other organizations supporting the government. The supporters of government also fought and destroyed organizations supporting the protestors. They are now in D chowk many of the schools and colleges of islamacad were closed in those days and the economic of country got really hurt with it. Many of the peoples are still protesting against the government and they want the resignation of PM but the PM is not agreed for that. Yesterday the police again hit the protestors which is said to be a very bad act by police. Lets see what will be the future of that protest.



Another big problem because of which many peoples got ill daily is pollution. As i mention above due to lack of trees in our country pollution increase. What is pollution? Pollution is of four types 1. Air 2. Water 3. Earth 4. Noise. Air pollution consist of the waste materials such as smoke and gases etc released by the industries and vehicles etc. It cause many deseases such as asthma and other breathing problems. Water pollution is created by the waste materials released by industries and homes into oceans etc without cleaning. The chemicals in it pollute water and made it unfit for human use


And due to it many animals that live in water also died. It cause deseases such as jaundice, hapitites, cholera and other deseases. Earth pollution is caused by the waste material that we through on earth. It harms many of the animals and plants on the earth. It also creates many of harmful deseases. Noise pollution is created by vehicles and loud music etc it harms our ears and made them unfit for doing work and it also harm our brain and cause many harmful deseases. So we should take steps to reduce the pollution and the government should also take steps to reduce the pollution.



The main cause of the problems such as poverty . Crimes . Lack of jobs . Lack of food etc is increase of population in our country on large scale. The population of our country is rapidly increasing which will cause many more problems for us and for our country. There are round about 20 crore peoples in our country which is very harmful for us. So we should control that speed of increasing population and government should also take steps for that.



Another problem that cause problems in our country is sex problem in new generation or in youngsters. They did many bad things related to sex which harm the environment and surroundings also. It also harms their body and they should avoid that bad thing. Government should also take steps to reduce that problem in our country.


14-Severage system:

Another main problem that increase pollution and cause deseases in our country is bad Severage system. The dirty water stops in holes when its way is blocked and it pollute the streets also. Which cause the production of mosquitoes etc. It also harms many of the peoples of our country.


15-Problem of gas:

Another problem that cause many of the peoples to suffer is lack of gas. The government doesnt provide gas for vehicles and doesnt provide gas to houses that cause problem for peoples. There are many sources of gas but government doesnt work on it. Government should work on that and provide gas to peoples.


16-Impure water:

 Another main problem that cause many of the problems and cause diseases is use of impure water. It is caused by water pollution. It is caused by waste material of industries etc. So government should take steps to reduce water problem and citizens also play role in that.


17-Political problems:

Another big problem that hit the economic of our country and because of which many of daily works are delayed is political problems. The chinease president was going to visit Pakistan and was going to sign many of the important documents which could help a lot for our country to get out of many of the problems. He was going to sign many of important documents and going to invest million dollars in our country by the help of which the economic of our country should become good but that all is destroyed by the long marches takes place in islamabad. The security team of chinease president advised him not to go to Pakistan because of that protest in islamabad. The protesters are saying that it all was occur because of government but government saying that it all was because of protest. It will be very shamefull for all the Pakistanies that the chinease president will visit india and other countries instead of Pakistan. It was all because of those powers who dont want to see our country progressing. I hope that teh condition of our country should again got well and it progress rapidly.



Another main problem because of which every thing is too much expensive are taxes. Government applied taxes on every thing and their ratio is too much that a poor people cant afford and cant buy too much expensive things. Many of the powerful peoples dont pay taxes because of their power. They all use their power and again poor peoples have to suffer.


19-Human rights:

Another problem that i also mentioned is negligence of human rights. The government should not concern to the rights of poor peoples and they always suffer and the rich hurt them alot. Government should ensure the human rights and take steps to apply those rights.


20-High prices:

The main root problem of crimes etc is high prices due to high taxes the prices of every thing are talking to sky it is very difficult for middle class peoples to survive in that condition because they cant afford too much taxes and high prices. Because of that the fees of school and colleges is too much. Poors are unable to survive here. Government should take steps to reduce those high prices and also reduce taxes to make the life of peoples easy here.


Goverment should take steps to solve the above mentioned problem and they should also solve the other problems that i cant mention here because of shortage of time. So that our country should progress rapidly and get a better place in committee of nations and we should be proude to be a Pakistani. Pakistan zindabad.....




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