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X rays are the special type of radiation and also known as high power penetrating radiation. They are natural radiations. The moving speed of x rays are more than light.

The procedure of production of x-rays are that when high energetic electrons are bombarded on the surface of the metal as a result the x-rays can be emitted from the metal surface.

X rays are used for different purposes especially for the treatment of different types of cancer in the body. X rays are also used for the detection of bone fractures.

X rays are used in chemistry for studying the structure of crystals of any solid substance like the crystals of sodium carbonate, crystals of sulfur, carbon, potassium. X rays are used in agriculture for the detection of different species.

Due to the modern technology, x rays are used in different types of surgical operations. X rays are dangerous for human body because they damage the tissues and also kill the body cells. So it is the responsibility of the doctors that they should avoid during treatment.

X rays are also very dangerous for plants because they are highly powered radiations and damage the plants. X rays are also use in industries for the preparation of explosive material. X rays used for the detection of pure diamond.

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