Proud Boyfriend Serenaded His Girlfriend

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How would you feel if you are being serenaded by your boyfriend in front of hundreds of people in an area near to your campus? I am very happy for this girl in the video who had received a great anniversary gift from her boyfriend of three years. As per the boy in the video (sorry the video is in Tagalog version) it was his first time to give his girlfriend a bouquet of flowers and said every girlfriend deserves to be surprised like this and that the boyfriends should be proud of their girlfriends no matter what if you really love her. He also added up by the end of the video that he will prove to everyone that the cliché about nothing is forever isn’t true and he will be the first to show that there’s a forever.

It wasn’t me but I feel really good upon seeing this video, others would say that it was a corny one but that is really normal to anyone who is in love, you’ll think of things which will surprise your partner and make them love you more.

Check the video guys!

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