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Best PTC Sites | Highest Paying Paid to Click Sites

Which are the best PTC sites who pays highest "Pay Per Click" in the industry ?
I have been asked this question many times. Even when I started Paid to Click Program, I also was very excited to know about the sites who really pays a highest rate per click. I have explore the Internet and checked many of list made by some people as per their interest, but when I read them and tested, I found that the list are not about the highest paying PTC sites, in fact they made these lists to get referrals for the Paid to Click sites, on which they are already joined.
Here, I will explain each PTC sites strategy that how they are paying the highest rate in the industry of Paid to Click sites and how can you earn even 3-5 times more money than any of other PTC sites.
But, I also would like to suggest you one thing. If you really want to make money at home, and really want to earn huge residual Income without investing; You must try out SFI - Six Figure Income and The Perfect App. 
Anyway, Now if you want to earn from Paid to Click or Surf program than I will tell you about the highest paying PTC sites. You can earn a great income, only you have to understand the concept and don't give up any time. Just do smart work because there is no word like "Hard Work".
Generally Paid to Click sites attracts the visitor to show that we are paying $0.20 per click or even higher than this but when you joined them and after log in you can see there is nothing like $0.20 per click. In fact you will get not more than 0.001 per click. But still we have some hope because some of sites are paying little higher than the others and they are very much reliable and paying since a long time ago.

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