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If you were asked which is the holy as well as fun loving destination for tourists, my answer would be Puri! Located on the coast of Bay of Bengal and in the Indian state of Orissa, Puri is popularly known for its Jagannath temple. It is believed that Puri is the home of Lord Jagannath and hence it is also sometimes known as Jagannath Puri. There are many beliefs regarding this holy temple. One is that the kitchen of Jagannath is never empty and the prasad that is offered to the visitors though might seem less but fills in your stomach and soul to your heart's content. The temple itself is an excellence in architecture.

What attracts tourists to this place is the wonderful pristine beaches. The beach is called Golden Beach owing to its golden sands. All hotels are situated facing the sea. There are many shops around the beaches selling handicrafts and beads. Since, Puri is a speciality in sea foods owing to Chilka lake, there are many fresh fish fry counters. The sand art of Puri is world famous. The Konark temple is another architecture marvel which is at an hour's distance from Puri.The Chilka Lake which is the biggest lake in India is worth the visit and you can visit the wildlife Sanctuary too. Puri is a paradise for seafood lovers. The prawns of Chilka lake are world famous and you can relish them in the neighbouring restaurants freshly prepared and delicious to taste. Orissa is also famous for its scrumptious sweets. A breakfast of “luchi- aloor dum and chaana poda” is something unforgettable and lip smacking. It is around 60 kms from the capital city of Bhubaneshwar and so its very well connected. You can come here to seek the blessings of Lord Jagannath and enjoy the fresh sea breeze with some great food!

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