Railway Line The Most Amazing in The World Part 4 (final)

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White Pass and Yukon Route (Alaska)

Built during the Klondike Gold Rush in 1898, this steam train is now a tourist object of sensation seeking than diggers. More than making lines attached to the cliff is visited by more than 450,000 visitors per year, with up to 3,000 meters up the cliff as far as 20 miles. This pathway has been immortalized as "International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark".


Georgetown Loop Railroad (Colorado)

At the end of the 19th century, when part of northwest Colorado is filled with silver mines, steam train is the only access. The most frightening thing is that you have to pass through Devil's Gate High Bridge, a 100-foot-high, and when it is above the bridge, the train will pass by slowly as it does not hold the load.


Aso Minami Route (Jepang)

The most horrible train line is in the volcano area in Japan are the most active and you do not know when the mountain will erupt. The tourists prefer to come as early as November when the forest near the train line was burned by magma-magma is very hot due to the activity of the volcano Aso.


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