Rain Has Returned

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I still remember the sweet smile and beautiful face that will never fade from the memory , even though love has expired , a sense of longing has been frozen , and affection has expired . But the flavor will never make any difference though often I encounter an angel that even 100 times more beautiful than her . If there is a question whether I was expecting it to be I answered with a short , yes . But what good is hope without possibility ? then I learned to neutralize it because I do not want to rely too heavily considered .

After that incident I can remember and repeat how we met and parted . As a story , even at the end of the sentence that I wrote I can only hope that after this you will be able to find the best paragraphs to continue that story because I know , I'm just a series of colors that form a rainbow in your life , but not strong enough to survive and after rain subsides I'll just be a memory that will live and die slowly in memory .

Sometimes I was only able to lament playing with water splashing in a puddle for a moment I began to stare back that I now own , so now I'm without you . Some of this year I went through, many months already I continue footsteps hope after this I find the next destination to immediately dismissed the solitude and forget the past . But , until this moment I have not found where the best place for me shelter and re- write the story. Until the rain returned and wet body , I'm only able to remember and repeat it all again that I have been through this , but not as cold as when there in his arms .


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