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The summer season is followed by the rainy season. During the rains the air becomes cool and pleasant. The oppressive heat disappears, but at times, when the wind stops, it becomes very closed and stifling. In places, it becomes very muggy and sticky, and perspiration chokes the breath. If the rains are excessive, rivers are flooded.


They overflow and cause devastation. Whole villages are swept away and great misery is caused. In large cities, houses collapse and sometimes lives are also lost. In this season, the dark clouds hover overhead and the cool moist air make an n ideal weather. Poets have described the beauties of the clouds, their majestic movements and their lovely shapes.


The thunder of clouds, the flash of lightning, the croaking of frogs and the dancing of peacocks in the garden make the scene charmingly beautiful. They have swings in which boys and girls sway backward and forward, and sign. People crowd on river banks to enjoy the sight of rising waters. The trees put on a new garb; fresh grass begins to sprout and everything in nature appears fresh and happily.


The framer is busy ploughing the land while it is soft and wet and preparing it for sowing for the next crop. Everything bears a gay aspect. In big cities, the roads become muddy and slippery.


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