Ramleela a story of victory

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          Ramleela is the most common and popular form of folk media in India, Ramleela is basically a drama in which actors play the story of Lord Rama and his victory over Ravana. Ramleela is a Uttar Pradesh a state in India based folk media. This is w=very much common in India and people love to watch this play. This play is a based on the story Hindu God Rama and his victory over false.
            Lord Rama was a born in Ajodhya a small town in India, he was born in as a prince and his Father’s name was King Dushratha. King Dushratha has a curse on him that he will die with the pain of his son’s farewell. When Rama was grown up he participated in a marriage competition to marry a very gorgeous princess Sita and daughter of King Janak. Rama won that competition and was married to Sita. Rama’s father has four wives Rama was son his first wife Kaushalya. Rama was the hire of the throne of Ajodhya but his step mother and King Dashratha’s fourth wife Kaykei used her promise to grab the opportunity from Rama to become the king. She wanted her son Bharat to be the king of Ajodhya, so she reminds King Dashratha about his promise which he made to her many years earlier when she helped him in war field that he will do whatever she will ask for in return. She demands to announce her son Bharat as the hire of the throne off Ajodhya and to send Rama away from home for 14 years. Unfortunately and unwillingly Dashratha orders his son Rama to leave Ajodhya for 14 years and to live in forest. Rama was a obedient son so he follows the command of his father and was about to leave with his wife Sita but then his younger brother Lakshmana said he will also go with them.
                 Story continues so stay in touch will come back soon.

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