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A philanthropists says that,

                                                Get education till the last breath of your life. One of the most authentic and efficient way of getting knowledge is reading.

Reading can be thought provoking activity. If we ponder on whatever is written in the books.

If the purpose of reading is made limited to opposition of written stuff, then a sense of arrogance develops in a person. The person considers himself a super power and consider others ideas blasphemy. This divide the people of the society on certain lines and consequently, the composure and serenity of the society disappears.

Reading to oppose is not a conciliatory activity. on the other hand reading to believe is disadvantageous too. Believing and acceptance of every written piece vanishes the thinking ability of human. Thinking abilities can be developed by compassion of different notion of ideas, by differentiating between various perceptions. Therefore we must not concede whatever is written. Some of the books like novels and love stories are about fantasy world. If such kind of ideas is adapted in real life there are great chances for an individual to be distracted. The elopement and murders in our society are somehow the influences of reading irrelevant materials.

In light of above mentioned ideas I can conclude, that reading to oppose or reading to believe can lead towards destruction therefore, everyone must read to consider.