Real-life Star Wars: The Force Awakens crossguard lightsaber concept made by Wicked Lasers

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When the world was first granted audience with the first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakensa few scenes had them stirring— namely, the quick segment with the rolly droid and the reveal of a red crossguard lightsaber. The world doesn’t have real-life lightsabers just yet, but it does have some high-powered lasers that, in a pinch, can stand in for a modern-day version of everyone’s favorite sci-fi sword. Wicked Lasers is known for its high-powered products, and the company just created a concept for that crossguard lightsaber that has fans in a tizzy.

Dubbed the Wicked Lasers Crossguard, the concept looks pretty similar to the weapon in the trailer wielded by what appeared to be a new villain. Rather than mounting three lasers on a single hilt, Wicked Lasers envisions the laser shooting through a hard anodized aluminum shell until it hits two side-mounted mirrors set at 45-degree angles.

Lightsaber concept

If you’re inclined to attempt Wicked Lasers’ concept, the company has made models available for you to 3D print. Unlike the Force Awakens trailer, the lasers wouldn’t stop short to perfectly create a crossguard — they would shine a fair bit farther than you’d like — but it’s still the closest thing you can get to a crossguard lightsaber in 2014.

If the crossguard lightsaber is too ostentatious for your Sithing, you could always go with tradition..

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