Reason of complicated life and why we are not happier like our ancestors?

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Many peoples are not agreed that we are happier than our ancestors because our life are more complicated than our ancestors.In ancient time when our ancestors lives,the life is very simple.The peoples do not aware about the modern technology.No one have knowledge of different types of machines.The facilities like newspaper, telephone and computer etc are not present.

They spend a simple and happier life.They have no curse of doing and getting more and more.The peoples of those days are uneducated but they are well mannered.Their life style is according to their religion and they know the purpose of human life on this earth.These people help to each other and live together with whole heartily.

But this modern age in which we are live is very complicated.The peoples are high educated but ill mannered. They have a curse of getting more and more.In this age peoples enjoy their life and have no sense of write doing or wrong doing.

They have modern technology which makes our life more comfortable and their ambitions is very high.By getting their ambitions they do more struggle and it becomes life busy.

In short our ancestors are very happier than us because their life is very simple and our life is more complicated due to modern and fast technology.It makes our life materialistic.

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