Recall our Success & Failures: Human Rights Day, by Susan

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December 10, 2010 is HUMAN RIGHTS DAY. Defenders of human rights, who act to end discrimination, exclusion, oppression, and violence, often at great personal risk, are celebrated today. They are the World’s justice advocates and the protectors of victims of human rights violations.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, who comes from South Africa: “Human Rights defenders all over the world are the ones who are on the front line advancing the calls of human rights everywhere and they look at all kinds of issues and they speak with great courage for ordinary people. They are heroes.”

“It’s very important the United Nations draws attention to the human rights defenders consistently” and that there is accountability for perpetrators and transparency in
government action. One of the best examples of human rights defenders who has continued to high government office is former South African President, Nelson Mandela.
But ordinary men, women, and even children of South Africa who spoke out against apartheid, are deserving of acclaim.

This Day serves to inspire a new generation of defenders to voice and act to extinguish all forms of discrimination, aggression, and intimidation wherever manifested. But the mission continues beyond December 10. Should not freedom from hunger and disease have greater emphasis put on them as part of our human rights and social justice efforts?

By, Susan Sacirbey

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