Recognition and Motivation

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Employees are motivated through the recognition. The recognition is the number one motivating factor. If employers maintain motivated employees and encourage the other employees to do better so they must recognize them publicly. Recognition has the greater impact on the job satisfaction and motivation of employees. Motivation is related with the job satisfaction. Employees are less motivated if there is any difficulty in operating procedure and neglecting the aspects of recognition.


Rewards and recognition programs are positively effect on motivation, performance and interest within the organization. Managers are implementing these programs in knowledge aware organizations that motivate the employees to share their knowledge and learning across the organization.


 Wiley says that the employees are motivated through job security, full appreciation for work done and good wages. When employees are motivated they increase the company’s productivity and profits. When employer engage their employees if he explains the goals and objectives and also explain what the role of employee in that goal, empowerment and motivate their employees.


Money is not the motivator. Three basic incentives are involve motivating the employees like competing business/co-workers, award/recognition, and opportunity. The productivity increase when employees are more motivated and employees are motivated through the recognition.


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