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Relationship is not always about flurry or love; sometimes these are just a part of it.
Yes, just a part of relationship, simply because there’s a lot of concerns about.
Pains, loneliness and sometimes being neither martyr nor stupidity are there.
It is not because you love the person, he/she loves you too, will loves you back or you love each other, and you will be happy everyday of being together.
There are times will come that you will fight or argue, will sulk towards each other, and say such painful words until the feelings that you are about to surrender.
One day it will end up to your feelings for her/him is gone because of this, that, the same reasons.
These are some test for your attitudes whence making your coalition stronger and where in your relationships will lasts.
I know love is greater than anger. If your love will be tested, fight for it. Do everything whatever it takes.
Relationship is not always about just love, you need to trust, to communicate and to care to make it lasts.


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