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We all live in a society. Agreed. We do need to interact with others. So, we also have to be civil and have adequate manners. 

However some people do not think so. They think that they are the star and others are planets revolving around them. What they do not realize is that their EGO  is not an issue to others because all are equal and no one is above the other. Even monarchs have adjusted, so why should the common man think he is special? This also applies to some ladies who have that 'HIGH AND MIGHTY AIR'.

I am not a human being who thinks that our race is special. we are just part of the ECO CYCLE. 

Nothing more. 

Let us not abuse others.

Let us not hurt or harm or ridicule others.

One need not specifically believe in GOD, just being nice to other beings is enough for God, not prayers recited like a parrot. 

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