Repair a broken Friendship

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How to repair a broken Friendship? Some are easily FIXED and some are hard to FIX. I am writing this blog because I wanna search the answer in my heart. I am very disappointed with what happened this past few months. It was really unexpected. I thought the friendship I had is too strong and cannot be broken  for we surpassed a lot of trials and fun for many years. But I was wrong. It is broken...and i can't see a even a small hope that it can be fix and heal.

For me friendship is the strongest weapon next to family when facing life ahead...having a good family and a strong friendship can make us a more better person for they are the biggest influence to us. If you have a good friend, give an effort to take care of it and try to settle all the problems occurring to prevent misunderstanding. 

Avoid being selfish and bias!! One of the Golden Rule in taking care of good friendship. Try to be fair. Try to give and take relationship. Eat your pride out if it's not a big deal in your part. Be honest...though not in all times but be honest with some points you think your friends are concern to. Commit them your loyalty and trust. 

I think, if we followed this rules...friendship can easily repair and no friendship will be broken.



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