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mind reader

Illustration of the mind reader (photo: digitaltrends)


TOKYO - June Rekimoto, researchers studying augmented reality in Sony Computer Science Labs seeks to use the cameras, drones and sensors to capture and share what others see and feel.

Cnet launch on Saturday (27/09/2014) on Jun envision a future in which spectators sporting events can see his favorite team play through the eyes of the players. Thus views and feelings that occur in the field when it can be felt by just sitting on the couch home.

This concept is called "plowing into the human mind", popularized by William Gibson in 1984 through his novel, Neuromancer. This concept last long in the realm of science fiction until June to try to make it happen this time.

June is the Deputy Director Research at Sony Computer Science Laboratories in Tokyo. The focus of his research is augmented reality. "I want to extend this concept so that we are able to mentally and real connect with drones or another human being," he said.

Virtual Reality Technology

Augmented reality technology has been around for years, but there is a sudden acceleration in the virtual reality technology. An example is a technology-oriented virtual reality gaming, Project Morpheus Oculus to Sony.

Brian Blau, consumer technology analyst for research firm Gartner said generated augmented reality experience to create something new.

"When users combine the viewing experience as it is, it has created a new way of communicating," he said. "Seeing the other person's perspective, I think, would be a powerful way of thinking," he continued.

Currently, Jun are studying the deeper development of the technology curve. Big idea he was working on would not exist in the market for many years. Examples of the approach is, he and his team are developing a headset called LiveSphere which has six cameras and can shoot 360 degrees around the wearer.

The surplus, according to Jun, the wearer can hear instructions from someone who watched from a distance and can be used for cooking instructions or medical procedures.

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