Restart the purpose Advancement of Women

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Close, close and re-start the resumption of purpose and destination.

Renewal of a new period and with determination and will of the stronger and with more effort, the resumption create different scenes and great for the ladies;Women who wish to acquire knowledge and they walk to school with her larger breasts have harbored aspirations, dreams and altered standing, singing, drawing and wish to meet, come to said,

Ask, is able to make a reality and not just a word, slogan .banvany who participated in the winter period, clearly demonstrate the fact, that in spite of their strength lies, and they know that they can be :

The ladies in the school pool at this week canvass their educational, social networks that were taught overview of all such:

(Gmail ,Google +,Twitter ,Bitlanders)

Next Saturday is the final exam for women (social media) is obtained and The teaching plans and power point file menu and began home.

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