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Review of Create

If you’re a fan of Aardman Animations, I would very much recommend you check out the hilarious short film ‘Create’ (featured below) which was shot over a 6 month period in Animator Dan Mackenzie’s own dormitory while he was graduating at Savannah College if Art and Design.

Talented Mackenzie also wrote and directed this family-friendly film which has a hauntingly dramatic yet appropriate music score by Martin Mayer and DeWolfe Harmony. This adds to the humour of the movie.

Mackenzie has quite rightly won an award for Best Student Animation at the Savannah Film Festival. Celebrity fans of this festival include Stan Lee (of Spiderman creation fame) and actor Matt Dillon who has described it as so much better than your typical film festival.

When watching these types of animated film it is easy to forget the amount of effort that has been put into their creation, especially in an age of CGI. In this particular film, a technique called Stop Motion is used. To make it this successful all of the steps involved including design, script writing, voice and music recording, and editing have obviously been well thought through to produce that winning combination.

I found it particularly funny that the ‘monster’ the boy is creating in his imaginary lab is himself partly made out of ‘Clay-doh’ and ‘Top Parts’ instead of ‘Pop Tarts’ are used for his head!  It is the type of film that should appeal also to all nationalities. I am looking forward to sharing this film with my family as I know it will appeal and recommend you to do the same too!

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