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How are you? I hope they like the grace of God and the good are achenaami. Today I will share sathe how you can earn using Tsu. Proof of payment with you. Facebook who are a waste of time, it is very effective for them.

We usually can not earn from facebook. Puratai which goes to fund Facebook. But tsu said that 90% of its income on the will of its users. And there is a lot of evidence.

Friend to 300 after the start of your income. You liked the post, comment, Shearer and get the viewer, the increase in your income. So, Like, Comments & share of income is the main tool for this site. Made larger than the Family Tree. Member will be higher, and the increase in income. Because, you do not invite people, you will receive a 50% bonus on their income. He has the rest of the circle.
. Tsu 90% of their profits to share with users. You can earn from your regular status.
. Tsu's founder Sebastian Sobczak, according to a friend who has 000 User which reasonably can earn around $ 1000 a year on average. If you're one of the Celebrity To castrate levels. 2.8 Million USD could reasonably be added to your account. The more content than the dollar, as the dollar share, as selaphi the dollar, the dollar and the dollar.

Tsu join in here.
Sign up here. And just like you are inside.
Like all of the Facebook. Here, facebook, twitter, you can link to share iutuba increase. Get better response.
When used with mobile Tsu Tsu from the App Store, you need to install for free.

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