Riddle of the story, (IQ -Test)

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Riddle of the story,  .. In an old hotel that has 4 floors have been found dead professor named jacob. andy parker detectives asked to investigate the case.

concierge named helen said that at this old hotel was very quiet so there's only 6 guests who are staying, including the professor. The following names to the five other guests: nikita, thomas, julian, george, and juliet

by helen andy detectives escorted to the room occupied room 210 victims. victim's body was found lying on the floor. but apparently the victim had time to write something on the wood floor with a marker. shortly before he died ...

 the victim illustrates on the first line: a triangle, a circle, a square

in the second row, the victim wrote: 10-21-12-9-1-14

a minute later, Detective Andy headed to the room and catch the killer.

Question: What room number and name of the murderer?


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