Righteousness of our honour

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I am not a politician, but this thing I'm interested in things like, because when there is some news comes in front or in reading a report, once blood gets hot I have come to some of the power of the heart wants to be able to do so, but for me on the basis of being a writer I can do all my anger on the same With the help of the same pen out.

As you all know that our country is the only one of all these Muslim countries blessed with the Holy Prophet of nuclear power. But despite all this, we also wanted to make the enemy elements are in the air of our country driver's ship, and when and where they want to attack, I'm talking of drone attacks in a from the country in which the accident at 9 11 for this reason everything was made with them, had they The master of the country, people who did it, Pakistan is on a long plane flight and air base in Pakistan, Karachi on the way they come and bring to everything. After a month, he said that "we have got the winner in Afghanistan shortly after the start of the war at the time but promised to take back his army, the Americans had to be close to their bodies when their soldiers why the coffin arrived, he was troubled.

Musharraf at the time of the attacks, but he did start up much less of the, but since then it has been a great increase in the number of penalty due to Pakistan and so far why this started the cold war after the group are currently on Pakistan in different places in the suicide attack, not only on markets, but started slowly, the mosques, temples, places of prayer times Such a funeral in Pakistan has washed his hands of the tens of thousands of lives, and at the same time, we need to evaluate the damage, it is economically difficult.

It was also previously things but all of our no rite, also known as a duty when we shoot down their planes, then we have a power is not called is not technology but recently when India came a ship on the soil of Pakistan, "it was the moment they die down, then why not a nuclear power In spite of it all, why just because of a relief?? It is our honour was not required, it was our honour every demand that originates there, then pick the wrong approach was taken from each eye now because it all?? What is the righteousness of our honour??


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