Rock Out With This Millennium Falcon Guitar

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As an amateur guitar player, I love discovering new guitars and sounds, though I’ll admit my scope is a bit limited. I’ve mainly stuck to the acoustic side of things, but I have messed with a few electric guitars in my day. I’ve played some good guitars and some not-so-good guitars – but one guitar I’ve never played? One made out of the Millennium Falcon. With a new Star Wars movie set to come out this coming December, it seems everyone is doing everything they can to cash in on it, including custom guitar builders – and that’s not all necessarily a bad thing.

Rock Out With This Millennium Falcon Guitar

Doni Latchford, from Doni Custom Guitars in the UK, has created what has been dubbed the Han Solo Guitar. It’s called that because he takes a Millennium Falcon toy, adds strings, a neck, and all necessary hardware to make it function as an actual guitar, and then he sells them. (He even adds blue LED lights to the Falcon to complete the effect). If Han Solo played guitar in a band, he’d no doubt use this one. You can buy one of them on Etsy for $710.79 as of this writing, and it can even be shipped worldwide, though it doesn’t mention inter-galaxy shipping.

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