Roots of Infidelity (my own point of view :D)

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I am happily married at present so don't go thinking that i might be writing from experience. Though when we were still not married, I have experienced infidelity from him. But as I was watching TV series after TV series about men cheating on their wives I have pondered the roots of this trending issue. 

I have always been idealistic. I would always question the 'cheating' issue, "WHY?". I believe that machismo is an old issue to be the main reason for this. Media and the trendiness of the issue might affect it. But really, why? For the men who will read this, please enlighten me. Because for me, if the women or wives can hold their selves and remove themselves from temptations, why can't they do it? We are both human beings with the same set of feelings and thinking (though some people would have differences in the strength of their intelligence and sensitivity :D). 

If women can keep their faith in the relationship, men should be able to do it as well. There should be no excuses. there is always a personal choice. Men,hoose to have a peaceful and uncomplicated life within your marriages or relationships. Women, stand up and assert your rights. Because you have the right to be happy to the person who vowed to be with you till death do you part. You did not force them to wed with you so let them do their part and be man enough to be faithful. A true macho man will never ever choose to break the heart of the woman they held hand with in front of our Lord Jesus Christ.