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Guiding the way simple rubik 
1.Introduction: This tutorial is extremely simple, according to the guidelines of Leyan Lo, I guarantee when they learn in this tutorial just read that can solve rubik 3x3 blocks. In the case of reading, I still do not recommend looking for another easy easy game that plays like jump rope, hide and seek shoot marbles or something. Prior to the start of school, we need conventions for some easy things to do to: - Vienna between: the park is only 1 color, in the middle of the face. - Members edge: the park has 2 colors. - Vienna angle: the employees have 3 colors.

In this guide, the important part of the Rubik's cube, ie those who do not care about will be colored gray, but the important parts are marked X. - Symbols: Each side of the block rubik 1 will be denoted by corresponding letters: Right: Left R: L On: U Under: D Before: F After: B R LUDFB: rotate the corresponding face 90 degrees clockwise. R 'L' U 'D' F 'B': rotate the corresponding face 90 degrees counterclockwise clock. R2 L2 U2 D2 F2 B2: rotate the hand 180 degrees respectively. - Note: I get the formula B is rotated away side B 90 degrees clockwise, then we have to face towards his B then rotated 90 degrees clockwise. The other side is the same. resolution method: This method makes each story, the story follows the award must not tamper with the story before. Level 1 is the easiest, can be solved by intuition, self-devised solutions. Level 3 is the most difficult course, learn recipes and only one mistake in this story is that we have to do quite a lot.

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RE: Guide to the Rubik simple way 
2 Floor 1: Watch video of vuaquyen92 guide here: Ta convention floor 1st floor there are white, floor 3rd floor is available gold. At first, we will be face to face White U. To the 1st floor we need to do two steps: the creation of the park next to a cross and then the pellets corner. Note that the corners and edges employees need to be taken to correct its position.

Create cross: This step is extremely simple, and you can totally do it, I suggest doing the following: first, we need to find the next member is white, this person may be located on the 1st floor , layer 2 or layer 3. If an edge is located on the 2nd floor:

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B1: After selecting one member edge, we must identify it belongs to any location on the block rubik. To do this, we see the color white is next to nothing. In the first case there is a red color, so the park lies next to the X on the right, just above the middle red member. In case 2, the color is green, so it must be in the park next to the X-shaped front seats. We call position that members should take to the next goal. B2: After determining the goal, the next is to try to put a white face on the side of the park next to U. In the first case, we rotate F ', who edge will be taken to the X position forward. Case 2, we rotate R, who will be next to the X to the right place. We call that position who will come next after step 2 is the target. B3: There is one problem always happen is if do step 2, the white side of the park is right next to be brought to the surface U but was not competed in goal. No stars, no small thing like a rabbit eating grass by the Indian boy was it shot, before we take step 2 next goal target position by rotating the U or U ', or U2. Then do step 2 then put the old goal to return to the contrary by the U, U ', U2 above. For example, in one case, how will the (UF 'U'). Case 2 will be doing (U 'RU.) If the member is on the 1st floor next to the 3 rd level:

I rotate F or F 'for giving the edge to the 2nd floor, then use the above method to solve. Award corner park: From this step onwards, we will overturn the block rubik, ie face to face D also white gold items into surface U. This will help us easily locate the park to look for.

First, we have to find the angle members are white, this person may be located on the 1st floor or 3rd floor. If a corner is located at the 3rd floor: B1: Locate the corners need to be taken to the park by viewing 2 color remaining at the corner park. We call it the goal position. B2: Give staff the position angle just above the goal. B3: Depending on circumstances, use one of the following formula to solve.

[Image: 9.jpg]

1 Using the formula (RU 'R' U2) to put a white face to the side. 
2. 1 of 2 Use this formula to solve. If a corner is located at the 1st floor:

B1: Using formulas (RU R 'U') to take the corner on the 3rd floor staff. 
B2: Use the above method to solve.



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RE: Guide to the Rubik simple way 
4 Level 3: NINJA Watch the video tutorial here: to the 3rd floor, do the following 4 steps: edge orientation: Section purpose of this step is to create a yellow cross on the U. There are three cases to be solved, but we only need to learn one single formula. When making the following recipe, 3rd floor will change in the order as follows:

Formula: (FRU) (R 'U' F ') orientation angle: The purpose of this step is to put the entire right side of the U color (yellow). There were 7 cases to be solved. When making the following recipe, 3rd floor will change as shown. Note the illustration below shows a top-down perspective, when do we still have to keep the formula that blocks rubik gold surface on top.

Formula: (RU) (R 'U) (R U2) R' Click on the following cases for rotating (machine to install java): TH1 TH2 Case 3 TH4 TH5 TH6 TH7 corner Permutations: The purpose of this step Members are given the right corner of its location. The following recipe swap the position of two members corners as shown. To put all 4 corners of the park in place, we can do this recipe 2 times. Recipe: (RUR 'F') (RUR 'U') (R 'F) (R2 U') (R ' U ') next Permutations: This is the final step, two recipes below will swap the position of 3 members as shown next. To take 4 tablets next to the correct location, we can do it 2 times the recipe. Please note we can only remember 1 of 2 formulations can be complete this step, but when that time will be longer.

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