Roya Mahboob and Francesco Rulli Talk about Education and Digital Literacy at Spruce Street Elementary School

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Yesterday, Spruce Street elementary school in New York City received a very special visit. Francesco Rulli, President of bitLanders and bitCharities, and Ms. Roya Mahboob, director of Digital Citizen Fund, a non-profit part of bitCharities, explained to a class of 3rd graders how Digital Citizen Fund empowers and educates girls and women in Afghanistan through Digital Literacy. Their goal was to show the importance of education in particular for female students in developing countries.

All the young students were eager to know more about the lives of their counterparts in Afghanistan and were impressed by the work done by Digital Citizen Fund.

At the end of the class, their teacher Ms. Miranda Nichols talked with the children about the presentation and was able to collect immediate and very positive feedback: 

"It was really cool to see both of their awesome work." - Kiefer

"It was really cool to find out what is going in other places around the world." - Noah
"It was interesting to know how Roya was growing up." - Bella
"I really loved learning the work Roya has been a part of." - Maria
"I think it was cool seeing someone from a totally different country that knows a lot about other people." - Max
"I am happy my father came in with Roya to talk to my class." - Eduardo
"I think that what Roya taught us is interesting." - Mia
"I thought hearing Roya and Eduardo's dad talk in person was really cool because they taught us about helping women." - Willow
"I think it was a good experience hearing her talk since we have been researching education around the world." - Emma
"I think it was very cool to meet somebody from Afghanistan that is helping others from her own country." - Melina
"I think they did a really great job." - Adena
"I thought it was very interesting to meet Roya and listen to her story." - Duke 
"When Roya came into the class I thought it was really cool to meet a women's rights leader." - Lucia
"When Roya came into the class I was really intersted in what she was saying and learned from her experience. We have such different lives." - Ines
"When Roya came in and talked to us it was interesting to me to compare her life to my life." - Robin
"I thought it was really neat that Roya went to school in Iran because my father went to school in Iran." - Tullia
"I thought it was really awesome that Roya got to come speak to us. I have never met someone before that is from a country where women aren't given the same rights. She has helped them." - Wolfie
"I like how Eduardo's dad and Roya are working on projects together because they are helping women in Afghanistan." - Annamaria
"I am grateful for brave/intelligent women like Roya. Our world needs more women like her. I think the collaboration between Roya and Francesco is amazing, giving opportunities to women that otherwise might not be there." - Miranda


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