Saizeria Italian restaurant

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One of my favorite restaurant here in Japan is "SAIZERIA"( ITALIAN restaurant). This is the great place for budget,because it is cheap and good quality too..The Margarita pizza cost ONLY ¥399!! The vegetable salad and the number one popular MEAT DORIA (meat sauce on rice) -- only ¥299..I always ordering GRILLED ESCARGOTS for only ¥399 and PAELLA PILAF for ¥499..and you can drink all you want..(because of the drink all you can system too).There are many branches here in Japan because the food is really good.. "Hontoni oishi desu " .. In Tokyo, you're never that far from Saizeria , with many of them open all night as well it's a perfect Tokyo cheap destination at anytime of day or night .... I made a pic collage " menu photo " here , you can see some of my favorite food. ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

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