Salt and the lake

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A apprentice blacksmith all day complaining about the difficulties he encountered in life..
One day, the foreman took a glass of water and told him to take a handful of salt into a glass and then drink.
- What is the smell? - The foreman asked.
- Too salty! - The boy exclaimed.
The foreman nodded in agreement and asked him to the nearby lake shore. The foreman told him to drop the same handful of salt to the lake and try to drink the water of the lake .
- What is the smell? - He asked after the boy had finished drinking a glass of water
- So cool, sir! – the boy commented.
- Do you feel the salty taste?
- No, sir!

He lightly tapped the boy, gentle look into his eyes and said:
- The troubles are like salty salt . We will face with many displeasures in life. However, how much the bitterness that you felt depending on where you put it in. So when you feel pain, the only thing you should do is to expand your awareness. Do not make yourself a small glass of water to suffer the salty water form that, let the lake dissolve the sorrow, you will see much more pleasant.

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