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Ever wondered what is that most important thing in your travel? Getting good tickets, a good hotel, good food, scenic views or the people? Well, they all are important but what captures your experiences and stores them as memory forever is the the Humble Camera! The importance of camera is invaluable. It is that one thing that will keep reminding you of all the fun you had and what all you saw.

I remember, that once one of my couple friends on honeymoon went to Kullu Manali and clicked many pictures of those loving and happy moments. After they came back, the husband while copying the pictures on his laptop, accidentally deleted the pictures. Ssssh, any guesses what happened next (wicked grin)? Well, without getting into those personal details all I wanted to say is they forever regret losing those memories and any time they pick up an argument this one thing always gets reminded to the husband. Poor guy, he has to live with this great sin he has committed , throughout his life. Nowadays in fact I see people turning into photographers holding those uber cool high tech DSLR cameras and capturing the beauty of the place. But, the people with cameras on their cell phones are also not lagging behind. We can always click a selfie! And what about that desire to receive great comments on your picture in social networking site? So, in a way the camera is also enlightening many people about various places visited by various people. No matter whichever place you go, always take your camera like a shadow. A camera is a witness to all the happy times spent. Thanks to the person who invented the camera and to all the geeks who have made camera accessible to nearly all the people of the world through cell phones.

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Traveling for me is fun.. I love going to other places and explore something and make friends. I feels like I experience a lot when I do this. :)

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