Science Behind Stress Injuries

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The scientific approach to sports and training dates back to era before christ. Between 776 BC to 393 AD the ancient greek physician Galen wrote 87 detailed essays about proper nutrition aerobic fitness and strengthening muscles....

Stress fractures are one of the most common, and potentially serious, overuse injuries. Stress fractures usually occurs in weight bearing bones, and are commonly seen in the shin. Stress fracture of fibula, metatarsals and the neck of femur are also observed in military training setup.

Pathophysiology of Stress Fractures::::

Human body is continually remodeling skeletal system based on the stresses that are placed upon it. There is a finite limit to the amount of stress to which it can adapt.

In technical terms, stress fractures occurs in the early stage of bone remodeling when osteoclastic reabsorbtion of bone, outstrips the osteoblastic development of new bone. 

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