Scientific Method

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The scientific method includes the following steps. Observation: The first step is observation. Firstly a person or scientist observes the things happening and his environment. E.g. we observe the bird can fly. Method: Second step is method of observation. The method can be deductive and inductive method.


Deductive Method: In this method we proceed from general to specific. E.g. birds can fly so pigeon can also fly. Inductive Method: In this method we proceed from specific to general. E.g. pigeon can fly so all birds can fly.


Hypothesis: The third step is the formulation of hypothesis. These are the statements made from the observations. These are the simple statements for proving right or wrong. Hypothesis can be accepted or null hypothesis.


E.g. H1= Pigeon can fly. H2 = Pigeon cannot fly. If we accept first and reject second hypothesis then H2 is null hypothesis and H1 is accepted hypothesis. Experimentation: It is the fourth step. Experiments are one on hypothesis to prove to prove them right or wrong. Theory: The fifth step I the formulation of theory. Theory is not a law because it can be proved wrong in future. Law: Law is proved and it cannot be stated wrong because much work has been done on it. 

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