Search of New Worls

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Astronomers think that this world, means our planet would come to an end some day in far future. There might be many reasons for its doom. Wandering asteroids in space may hit and destroy it or increasing heat of sun can make it unfit for living. Some black hole may also swallow our whole solar system. There may be many reasons but according to scientists the end of the world is inevitable. And we will need safer place to survive because earth would not be a place to live on for very long.

In the quest of survival, astronomers are thinking of new planets for humans to shift to. We cannot think of moon because it is barren and has no life and its fate is same as the earth's. So first considerable option is the Red Planet, Mars. Astronomers are researching on Mars and photographs are taken and a lot of research is being done through telescopes. Droids have been sent and signs of life have been witnessed. But a lot more work needs to be done before shifting to Mars because it is not fit for humans yet. It has atmosphere but no oxygen. It has harsh conditions and is very cold. But scientists are making plans to transform this planet to make it suitable for life.

Another option is Jupiter's moon Europa. Europa is as big as our earth and it is a frozen planet but as heat from sun will increase it would get warmer and can be suitable for life. Scientists are planning to send droids to this planet and research has been started on this one too.

No matter how much afraid the scientists may be, we are safe yet. But how long would we remain safe, no one knows. The earth has to meet its end one day, sooner or later, that is for sure. We have to see how much we are successful in our quest for new worlds.

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