Selected for a Film Festival, Lieden International Short Film Experience

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Just a short blog to put the news out there that my latest film Movement # 4 has been selected for a another Film Festival. This time it is the Leiden International Short Film Experience in the Netherlands.

Here is the Trailer for the film.

Movement 4 Preview, is a trailer for the fourth film in the movement series of films.

Number 4 in Daniel Hopkins Movement series.

You are always very close to the road systems which sweeps through England like a system of arteries and blood veins.

The film will be exhibited at a variety of film festivals and art galleries when it is completed at the end of May 2012, and then released online in late 2013

If you are interested in seeing more please get in touch via email

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Daniel Hopkins (b.1976) is a Filmmaker, Sound Artist based in Warwickshire, UK. Daniel Hopkins work is concerned with the landscape around his everyday life. Current films and sound pieces have been about the environment, noise pollution and travel. His Movement series of films are about travel and the landscape whether…

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