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As a matter of fact Everyone or every animal has his way for self-defense.

Some use their minds some use their bodies

 some use their abilities

some use their sounds

 some use their facial expression

 and some their weapons and so on. 




But I'm not going to speak about self-defense in general. Today I'm going to speak about self-defense with weak animals' or small size of animals.

Let's get started and see how some of weak animals defend themselves.


1-  The Malaysian Exploding Ant.

Always exploding all over themselves.

Always internally under threat, causing their bodies to explode. Ants have large glands full of poison inside their bodies.When they sense a threat, causing the glands, spray poison.

2- The Sea Cucumber.

Can literally take on different body states – from hard to liquid – in order to defend itself.

They can turn their bodies into mush, climb through small cracks and then solidify into small lumps even more the ability to turn itself inside out so that its digestive tract’s toxic juices poison its enemies.

3- The hairy frog or “horror frog”

intentionally breaks its own bones to turn out a wicked set of cat-like claws. Only slimy and a lot more terrifying because it’s a freaking frog.

4- The bombardier beetle.

Oh, there’s nothing like a pulsating jet of foul boiling anal fluid. The bombardier beetle may look innocent enough, but it is famous for being able to spray boiling hot and chemically toxic bodily fluids in the direction of any would-be predator. It can melt you.

5- The horned lizard.

 Is a seemingly normal looking lizard found in the southwest region of the United States. It doesn’t use its horns to defend itself, as you might expect. Rather, when attacked, it pressures its own sinus cavities until the blood vessels in its eyes burst, and then sprays its attacker with blood from its eyes.

6- The skunk, or polecat,

A small black and white North American animal that makes a strong unpleasant smell as a defence when it is attacked

Some people keep them as pets. The skunk’s anal musk is so powerful that if sprayed directly, the victim will get temporary blindness.

7-  Solenodon.

Sort of like an over-sized hedgehog. Too bad, the solenodon injects rattlesnake-like venom through its teeth, the only mammal to do so.

8-  The Hagfish.

Has a disgusting way of defending itself. When under attack, but normally it twists itself into knots to escape the gelatinous goop.

9- the cute little opossum

has a number of tricks up its defensive sleeve. It can play dead. It can foam at the mouth in an attempt to convince its predators that it is toxic, sick or insane.

10-  Piranha.

Although the small size fo that animal. They attack with such ferocity that they strip an animal of its flesh within a matter of minutes, even taking bites out of each other in the process. with the nasty reputation for aggressive behavior.

Written by: Mohammed Hussein

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