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Many people are amazed that you can sit in front of your computer and make money on the Internet 24 hours a day. However, one thing that stops people is the fact that they do not have a website of their own.

In reality there are plenty of people who make money every day without a website they can call their own. In this article we will go over the most popular way to make money without your own website using nothing more than your computer and Internet access.

The way I am talking about is becoming an affiliate marketer. To do this you join an affiliate program for free and then perform a specific action for the merchant you are representing.

Think of yourself as a self-employed independent contractor. You are not paid an hourly rate, but you do earn a commission when you get a website visitor to complete a task for the affiliate merchant.

There are basically 4 ways you can earn money as an affiliate marketer using their websites.

1. Get paid by the click.

2. Cost per action programs.

3. Make a sale.

4. Recruit affiliates into a 2-tier affiliate program.

In each of these examples the affiliate merchant gives you a website to promote. Depending on the type of affiliate program you are in you earn money whenever your website visitor does what is required of them.

For example getting paid by the click is the easiest way to make money without your own website. Google Adsense is the largest ppc affiliate program in the world. Whenever your website visitor clicks on an ad that is coded with your ID number you make money.

Cost per action programs do not require you to sell anything either. You see these on the Internet where the website visitor fills out their name and email address.

With this affiliate marketing method you are getting paid by the lead. Offer Vault is a good site to check out for CPA affiliate merchants.

Selling products on the Internet can be the most profitable form of making money without your own website. is an affiliate program you can join for free and sell physical products. is an affiliate network you can join to sell thousands of digital products.

With 2-tier affiliate programs you make money when you make sales yourself and to recruit affiliates to make sales. When your personal recruit does sell something you earn a commission on the sale. You can do a Google search to come up with many different 2 tier programs to join.

The key to making money as an affiliate marketer without your own website is learning how to promote the affiliate websites you are given. Luckily most affiliate merchants will give you banner ads and other marketing materials to promote with.

The more traffic you get to your affiliate website the more money you can make. The nice thing about this is you can sit in front of your computer and make money without your own website around you busy schedule.
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