Selfie stick self-defense to protect your smartphone

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Self stick and started to use the training they will be able to easily compete thieves.
which is free from any legal restrictions. Selfie stick self-defense training is the martial arts group of people, especially the mono-fighting course tourists can take full advantage. Sheena laptop Dariya
He says that although the paper Stun gun sprays and useful weapon, but unless you bring your bag will be too late and the thief would overshadow the selfie stick is at hand to ease its heavy use What can be.
Center spokesman selfie stick to protect themselves from the training program is configured for 5 classes only 15 minutes in the primary classes are taught in basic training to become master of the stick selfie 5 classes is necessary. Center organizers say they are selfie stick made of metal so it will be even more effective when the new elements of the martial art, Thai boxing, martial arts and personal experience have been included, self-stick began at the end of Training can also prevent damage to expensive part.

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