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Do some good on bitLanders!

On bitLanders, you can earn Buzz bonuses, gems, and Bitcoin. The easiest way to earn satoshis (fraction of Bitcoin) is to fulfill the tasks you see on the content feed. We are now giving you the opportunity to get a reward and send one at the same time to the charity of your choice. For every action or task you will fulfill, we will send a donation on your behalf to your favorite charities.

All you have to do is click on the quest on the left side of the page where it says "Choose and Support your 3 favorite charities" and follow the steps!

Or click here (or go to 'Preferences', then 'Charities' from the drop-down menu). Then, every time you will claim your satoshi reward from a blog you opened on the content feed, or from sharing your BuzzScore rank for example, the same amount will go to one of your 3 preferred causes.


Fulfill simple tasks, earn rewards, and do some good at the same time!


- Micky

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