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The phenomena of separatism and fundamentalism are haunting the land of pure.It is not denying the fact that these ills did not grow overnight and are mostly the result of our own follies.One half or Pakistan engulfed by separatism has not opened are eyes yet.It was the cycle of the exploitation and denial of the due rights that pushed Bengalis to fall prey to the separatist elements.

Every year the gloomy month of December comes and goes often, unnoticed in Pakistan.Perhaps we have forgotten that the December of 1971 did not only close the calender year but it also chocked Pakistan by bringing the fall of Dhaka.Presently Balouchistan is burning in the fire of the unrest triggered by many wrongs .since the assassination of Balouch leader Nawab Akbar Bughti and Balach Mari, Balouchistan has entered the era of alienation from the rest of the country .

The people pf Balouchistan often complain against the enforced disappearances and bullet riddled bodies of their youth .Recently taking to media veteran Balouch leader and former Chief Minister Sardar Attaullah Mengal expressed the agony of the Balouchistan by saying that things may go to high extreme as the Balouch youth were drifting away from the state.Mainly the construction of army cantonments, underdevelopment of Balouchistan and military operations have triggered the conflict as per Balouch version.

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