Serial Manga Kingdom Getting Live-Action To Celebrate Tenth Anniversary

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Manga series Kingdom works of Yasuhisa Hara get his first live-action film to celebrate its tenth anniversary.

          One manga kingdoem that is quite popular in Japan, Kingdom, works of Yasuhisa Hara get a live-action movie specials to celebrate the 10th anniversary. Manga Kingdom itself has been released since 2006, until now sudha reach all 41 volumes of books, and the story still continues. The manga series Kingdom is about the journey of a character named Xin (Shin) which is a figure of adaptation of the historical characters of Chinese named Li Xin, a general of the Qin dynasty is known for successfully defeating seven countries that fought for power in China in the 220s BC , In the manga series of its own, its own character Xin told of when he was young. Orphans who aspires to be a state of war generals Qin, to elevate his life. His dream is to become the greatest military generals around the world. In its long journey reached the level of general, he helped Yin Zheng (figure Chinese emperor Qin state, whose real name is Qin Shi Huang seize back its position in the empire, and Xin also managed to win the war against Wei, making it as commander-level 100. And many a successful military campaign a success, making it closer to the level of generals. For the live-action film of his own, the character played by Kentaro Yamazaki Xin and manga-based movie that was filmed in the Kingdom's run Hengdian World Studio, China.

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       On the official website of the Kingdom live-action of his own to say that the trailer premiere that lasted 60 second will be released officially on April 19, 2016. However, some photos of the cast of characters Xin played by Kentaro Yamazaki is already visible. Because it takes place a war between ancient Chinese dynasty, Kentaro seem to use armor-style blue ancient Chinese army. In the manga and anime, Xin figure is more often used clothing or armor blue. Xin himself swordsmen are fairly reliable, proven he has several times won the battle.

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            Manga Kingdom Yasuhisa Hara done by itself is not 100% retell the original story. There are some characters that really tells the history, there are also some fictional characters who appear, there is also a genuine historical figure based character renamed. Nonetheless, manga Kingdom won the hearts of fans. Also getting some achievements such as winning competitions Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2013. In addition Kingdom manga also won a Guinness world record in the category "Manga written by author most." Until now his own manga has sold 20 million copies, is calculated most recently in October 2015 ago. Is it not a good result for a Japanese manga? For more, let's wait as cool live-action film of his trailer that was released through 19 April 2016.

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