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I don't know about all of you, but I have really gotten into Bitcoins. Unfortunately they're not as easy to come by as they once were.  I've tried everything from faucets to mining.  I'm an advocate for all of them.  I just wanted to post a few links here for any of the new folks to Bitcoin who would like to learn some more about them.  Feel free to check any of them out.  Most of these are referral based, so I get a little kickback if you sign up for them.  No hard feelings if you don't :)

The first one that I'd like to put up is my favorite faucet: is a faucet that you go to once per hour and put in a captcha.  Honestly you're never going to roll the 10,000 and get the biggest prize, but you'll get bitcoins consistently and if you refer someone, you get a bonus.

I've started using CEX to mine my coins.  I used to use Bitminter, but went away from it because CEX allows you to mine multiple coins like IXC and DEV at the same time.  They're not worth much, but you can withdraw them and convert them to bitcoins.  Ever since they allowed you to use Namecoins to purchase GH/S I've been pretty happy with them.

Another faucet that I like a lot is Qoinpro this faucet is a set it and forget it type faucet.  I only go on the site to read articles and whatnot.  It's more of an educational based website with the focus being on knowledge, but a reward for getting it.  When you sign up you get a daily amount of BTC, LTC, Feathercoin, Infinicoin, and fedoracoin.  Honestly BTC and LTC are what I'm interested in, so the others are just a bonus.  They are planning on adding Doge eventually.

Speaking of doge, Doge is the only faucet that I've found that's worth a crap.  Same thing with Litecoin.  There just doesn't seem to be a lot out there for either coin.

The site that I'm most excited about right now is Bitbillions.  I'm in the learning stage of this site, but there are a bunch of ways to earn bitcoins.  I'm cautiously optimistic as I haven't had a payout yet, but I've earned enough points to have a decent transaction (About .1).  I've only been on here for about 2 weeks, so I feel like that's pretty good. Granted, it takes more work than any other site that I'm using, but it appears to b worth it.  

Hopefully someone, gets something, out of this post.  If you know of something better let me know, I'm always interested in learning more!

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