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MUMBAI:India’s extremist political party Shiv Sena which has always been anti-Pakistan in the past has crossed everything which was done ever before, Ink showering incidents, cancellation of Pakistani artists’ concerts, behavior with Pakistan Cricket Board delegation in India and now they have stopped Pakistani stars Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan to enter in India.

These are the few very recent incidents which occured within the time period of last 15 days, only exception is made for Pakistani child activist Malala Yousafzai and on question Shiv Sena’s representative replied’ she is not a terrorist’ but when it was asked that Fawad, Mahira also are not terrorists then why they have been banned?, he replied Humsafar artists have the aim to ruin Indian society and their most famous drama ‘Humsafar’ had been the worst drama they had ever watched.

Shiv Sena’s spokesman said that “I mean it’s a story about a man who sits by as his wife is thrown out, has his child, and returns to him for help with her health bills, only to find out that he’s a misogynist jerk who could care less. The woman then forgives him in the end and we all find out that it’s his mother who is evil – it isliterally the worst drama we have ever seen!”

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