SHORT STORY : Me and My Guardian Angel

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Hi, my name is Rachel. I had a guardian angel that always with me every day in my life. His name is Jason.

This began when I went to the forest to fetch some firewoods. It was getting dark and I still have nothing. so I decided to keep looking though the air began to cold.
When I was in the middle of the forest. I saw a big tree.
I was so tired, so I decided to sit for a while. When I was sitting around, I suddenly heard a loud enough voice, like someone who speaks it is right behind me.
“hey, you sit on my feet!” said him. I was so frightened and get up from where I was sitting. I took all my stuff and wanted to go immediately. But, when I wanted to leave, I’ve heard that voice again and said “wait… don’t go!”
“who are you?” I asked to him.
“my name is Jason. I was a big tree that you are sitting on earlier.”
“do not joking me okay! A tree talking to me? Are you kidding me?.. come,.. show your self!” I said loudly.
“in fact, I was an angel who was cursed became a big tree. So please help me! I’m begging you.” i agreed to help him, but he had to tell me everything.
Turns ou, he is the angel who was cursed because he fell in love with a woman he met in that forest. As the angel, he was not supposed to fall in love with a human, then he was cursed by the gods into that big tree.
“I’ve been here thousands of years into this big tree. no one was willing to help me because they were afraid when they heard my voice. So please, help me!!”
“But I don’t know how to help you.”
“you just need to break the existing branch at the top end of my body, and I’ll be free of this curse.”
“But, I’m not a good climber and you’re so high. How do I get up there?”
“please… just do what you can do to get up there. I promise, if you can do it, I will be your guardian angel and all your wish will be my command.”
“okay, I’ll try to do my best..”
finally, I was able to free him self from the curse and he became my Guardian Angel who always obeyed my wishes just like his promise.


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