Show Support To Your Favorite Charity - Get their T-shirt on bitLanders

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bitLanders and bitCharities are introducing for their users the Avatar T-shirts featuring the participating charities logos. Users can show support by dressing up their avatar with their favorite charity T-shirt.

To support the charity of your choice, head to bitLanders store bitFashionista to find all the t-shirts for your avatar. They only cost 1 Gem, and you get 1 extra Buzz Bonus for 3 days.


For each t-shirt purchased, bitLanders donates 10 satoshis (fraction of a Bitcoin) on the user's behalf to a charity!


bitCharities is a cause platform where charities connect with donors and corporate supporters. It provides bitlanders users with the opportunity to donate part of their earning to a list of charities.

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Connecting charities to the Bitcoin community with a user-friendly platform where Digital Citizens support #nonprofits with micro-donations starting at 10 Satoshis.

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