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Cardiac attacks have always been the major cause of the increasing death rate in America. Know how you can read the signs…

It’s all about your Heart

Did you ever notice symptoms occurring in your body a month before? If not then read on.

In America, heart attacks are the main reason of the high death rate. Trying to prevent the attack just when it occurs is difficult which is why the death rate due to heart attacks has been increased. There are a lot of people who are not even aware of the signs their body gives before any cardiac arrest. The risk of the attack may cause stress to the body as well which a lot of people ignore.

A cardiac attack occurs when a lot of plaque builds up inside your arteries. Due to this, the supply of blood to the heart becomes lesser ultimately leading to heart attack. As the blood flow to the heart becomes less, due to this the tissue of the heart can die and cause the heart attack. The dead tissue causes extreme pain and stress to the person which is normally called the heart attack. Maintaining your cardio health is necessary. Your heart is the major organ of the body that keeps you alive.

Here you will come to know of the symptoms of cardiac attacks that occur a month before any attack happens.

Breath Shortening

Loss of blood flow causes less blood flow in the lungs too which leads to shortening of breath. You become unable to inhale enough air. If you are experiencing any such signs then it would be best to get a checkup and find out what is going wrong. Having enough air in is what keeps your lungs healthy and when enough air is not going inside your body, it gets hard for you to breathe and it can increase the risk of breath shortening and heart attack as well. So, in order to avoid such circumstances you need to perform proper exercises so that you can take in enough air.

Sweat, Cold, Dizziness

When less blood reaches the brain, the functions might get disturbed. For proper functioning of the brain lots of blood flow is required. If enough blood does not flow in the brain then the risks of death can increase to a great extent. You might start to feel cold, flu and dizziness in between. Your body may start to sweat unconditionally. Studies have proved that cold and flu occur just before any cardiac arrest. If any of this is felt and witnessed then your visit to the doctor becomes essential.



Feeling tired and exhausted every day of every week may be because of lack of blood being transferred to the heart, brain and the lungs too. When a lot of plaque gets build up inside the arteries that carry blood to the heart, the plaque blocks the flow of blood away from the heart. Either less or no blood will flow then. When this happens, the risk of heart attacks gets multiplied. If you feel too tired for something or you are facing any fatigue while doing work then this means not enough blood is flowing through your heart. At times like this, visiting the doctor is the best thing to do.

Feeling tired and exhausted every day of every week may be because of lack of blood being transferred to the hear

Chest Pain

The most common and very popular reason for heart attack is the pain that occurs in the chest. This pain is the green signal for the heart attack to happen. Feeling even slight pain in the chest and in the left arm indicates you need to go to the doctor. At first when the pain occurs, people panic but as soon as it disappears on its own they don’t tend to have it examined and ignore it. But this should never be done. If any pain or pressure is experienced then consulting the doctor would be the right thing to do.


Feeling tired and drowsy all the time and feeling fatigue during and after work is something you need to take care of. If you feel any kind of weakness in your body then please get it checked by the doctor. People take these signs as a fly by night symptom but in reality these are the minor signs your body gives you of the increased risk of having a heart attack in the near future. If you feel too weak and feel dizzy at times then go rush to your doctor for consultancy.

Feeling tired and drowsy all the time and feeling fatigue during and after work is something you need to take care of image

Don’t ignore if any of these signs is suspected. Rush to your doctor and prevent future heart attacks by reading the signs before a month or so.

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