Simple trick for bitlanders to earn more money

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As we all no that is a social media website through which we can earn good income on monthly bases, if we follow the right strategy. If you are newbie to the bitlanders site then read my previous post about bitlanders that how it works. If you are already working their then I will show you a simple trick through which you can get more subscribers, followers and more changes of getting buzz on your posts.
Just follow my instructions to learn this simple trick.

First of all login to your account and then search a post on bitlanders home page which have at least 40-50 buzz. As you can see the given image in which a post get 103 buzz.  See near the buzz 103 is written, it means this post have 103 buzz. Check that place to find how many buzz the post get. Because bitlanders show only some images of people who buzz your post.

To see all list of peoples who buzz your images, as I already mentioned that bitlanders show only some images of peoples who give buzz to your posts. To see the full list of peoples click the other list of peoples who are hidden. You cna see in the given image that total buzz of the post is 66 but you can see only tree images of peoples near the buzz button. To show the all list of peoples we will click on "63---". Then we will see all list.

Now lets come to the main topic, to get more subscribers, buzz and earn more money on bitlanders as I mentioned that search a post on your account homepage which got more buzz and open the list of peoples who give buzz to that post now open the profiles of that peoples one by one and subscribe them. In one line there least 15 peoples avatar can be seen. Now open every profile in new tab and subscribe them.Then open second line in this way subscribe more peoples to earn more.

Tip: Now I will give you a simple tip to open 15 profiles in seconds. If you have a mouse which has "scroll wheel ". Then you can subscribes more peoples in second and its response will be good. To open the one lines profiles, which is almost 15 simply click every profile avatar one by one, subscribe them and close that all tabs. Then repeate the same process. In this way if you work 1 hour in a day you will subscribe 1000 people and I am sure that in these 1000 people 500 will subscribe you back and also will give buzz to your posts. The all conclusion is the post that subscribe more peoples you will earn more money and you will get more subscribers.

mouse scroll wheel

I am sure by applying this method you can earn more bitcoins on bitlanders. Some peoples make exchanges for buzz in Facebook groups, which is %100 illegal work, and if bitlanders traced those who make exchanges for buzz. Bitlanders website recently start a new way through which they can traced those peoples who are making buzz exchanging  Especially the Facebook is on their target. A few days back many peoples message me that why bitlanders had block our accounts. I told them directly that you make buzz exchanging so you are blocked. They were agree with my talk and they gave me answers back yes we do. So leave the exchanging method and start this method to earn more money on bitlanders. IF you applied this method you will get more buzz on your post see in the image even you can get more buzz than this.

So start now this method to earn more on bitlanders. If someone have any question about this post or about then ask in the comment section.



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